Double Simos Beach at Lefki Village, the famous double beach of Elafonisos is located along the south side of the island, at Lefki. The turquoise water of Frango and Sarakiniko cove, the sand dunes along the beach and the exotic cedar forest gives you a sense of paradise.

Lefki cove is located on the east side of the island, on your left on the way to Simos Beach. It is a small hidden beach with spectacularly beautiful waters for those seek the absolute peace. The spot is also an anchor for yachts.

Aglyftis is a non easily accessible small beach at the west side of the island. Agios Patapios, a small Orthodox Church years ago was build on the there. Across the beach there is the homonymous islet with an old cave, interesting to explore. Only a good hidden path starting from Panagia church can lead to Aglyftis, a truly a holy place for locals.


Pavlopetri is an ancient submerged town between pavlopetri islet across Agios Spyridon Church and Pounta beach. Pavlopetri was an active trading port. It is indicated by the archaeologists that back in 2000 B.C. Pavlopetri was a very wealthy city and an important naval trading post due to its location. Pavlopetri can be easily visited by boat.  The Pavlopetri Archeological Research Project is still in progress.

Panagia Katonisiotissa Church, the symbol of the area was built in 1825 on the remains of an old Byzantine church that was restored in 1928. Frescoes and icons inside the church reveal its history. At a distance of 200 meters west of the church a Mycenaean cemetery is located. Between 1600 and 1100 BC people were buried there in small caves. Close to the church is also an early Christian graveyard.