… from Easter to the end of the summer time

Elafonisos during winter becomes a quite place where locals regain their strength by living the traditional way of life of a small and close island-community with local customs and habits. It’s like living in another era. Faithfull to their ethics and values locals retain their religious and cultural rites.

There are a lot of local events taking place throughout the year in Elafonisos. Most of them are religious related. Best periods are spring and summer time until the end of September. Some of the festivals taking place in Elafonisos are the following:

 The “6th and 9th of July” festival double anniversary when locals honor their ancestors through whom the authentic local culture was born and developed. They also honor all those who worked and lived in the island, those who supported Elafonisos interests through whom the Elafonsisos myth is still alive. On the 9th of July Elafonisos celebrates the inauguration of the Holy Church of Saint Spyridon, the patron Saint of Elafonisos. The 3 day festival includes religious, cultural and sport events.

The “Fisherman’s Celebration” at end of August is the  most characteristic Elafonisos feast. Fishermen’s Celebration includes live traditional music and dance (folklore) at the port of Elafonisos and fried fresh fish which is offered to all visitors.

The “Great Celebration of the 15th of August, when the “Panagia Katonisiotissa festival” is taking place at the small picturesque orthodox church at the west side of the island. Locals celebrate the Great Holliday of Panagia (Assumption of Virgin Mary) on the 15th of August.