Elafonisos island is located at the southeast of Peloponnese.

Elafonisos is one of the most popular destinations of Laconia due to its tropical beaches, the unique nature monuments and the underwater archaeological discoveries.

Elafonisos is an original fishing island known for its special cuisine with the traditional recipes based on seafood and local natura 2000 area products.

The main island along with the three islets “Panagias nisia”, “Aglyftis” islet, “Pavlopetri” islet and Pounta beach, consists of the Municipality of Elafonisos, an area of 23 km².

Elafonisos Municipality consists of five small villages, the main village “Elafonisos” with the picturesque port and the charming bridge towards to Agios Spyridon church, Kato Nisi village with the great Panagia Katonisiotissa beach, Lefki with the worldwide famous beach of Simos, Kapari a small village between Kato Nisi and Elafonisos and Pounta beach, which is actually the main gate to Elafonisos island.

Within Elafonisos area there is a significant underwater cultural monument, Pavlopetri. Pavlopetri, the famous ancient submerged town was an active trading port. It is indicated by the archaeological findings that back in 2000 BC Pavlopetri was a very wealthy city and an important naval trading post due to its location. Archaeological research project of Pavlopetri is still in progress.

The population of Elafonisos Municipality is 1.041 according to the latest census. An unusual characteristic of Elafonisos community is that locals are mostly indigenous. Most of the families are large families with at least four children each. There are about 10 big families coming from the first inhabitants of the island, who were actually the ones who developed the socio-economic status, as well as the local culture.

During summer time a great number of visitors change totally the quiet and peaceful profile of the island. The island becomes an attractive destination with quality and convenient enough tourism infrastructure (Elafonisos hotels, Elafonisos resorts, elafonisos camping, elafonisos beach clubs, elafonisos mare, elafonisos rooms, ect)  for all those who seek to experience the beauty of nature and the absolute relaxation. According to the statistics of the local Coast Guard, about 3.000 tourists per day visit Elafonisos, with a total number of 200.000 during the period.

Elafonisos is a unique place, a distinguish destination with authentic natural and cultural beauties, hospitable and unpretentious people, a place where fisherman’s way of life is … still alive.

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